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Influencer Marketing

In 2017, Footprynt was one of the first agencies to launch influencer marketing in India.

We have end-to-end influencer marketing solutions for all businesses - from planning and execution to shortlisting and managing creative content by influencers and achieving desired results.

We have executed over 1000+ campaigns on over 13 different platforms using every genre of influencer be it celebrities, influencers or even nano influencers. We have done it all.

Our expertise will help you achieve your brand goals and beyond!

Social Media Marketing

We launched social media marketing in 2018 to improve brand interaction with social media users.

Every brand needs to amplify its policy, philosophy and objective communication effectively across the vast network of social media platforms.

And we help you do that by making things easier and optimising your social media spends as well as making content that is fun and relatable to your brand followers.


SEO, CRO & Content Management

While our SEO services are aimed at increasing online traffic to your business, our CRO services ensure that the traffic converts into leads.

We create quality lead generation campaigns with simple landing pages and convert the traffic to actual leads.

Marketing Automation

We’ve used some of the best third party marketing automation tools and effectively made marketing easier for our clients in the past 3 years.

Simple triggers such as a survey post, a purchase or usage of a service has helped our clients retain their customers.

Our marketing automation helps you achieve 360 degree digital marketing solutions.


Media Buying and Selling

Our goal has always been to select the right purchase space on the right channel using the right platforms.

Our highly experienced team dwells into every keyword used, every geographical area to be targeted, every search keyword to be shortlisted and even the basic spends at the beginning of every campaign.

We handle small monthly budgets to annual mandates depending on the brand objectives.

Campaign Analytics

A campaign’s effectiveness is only as true as its metrics.

We provide detailed campaign reports with traffic, bounce rate, qualified leads, converted sales, social media engagement, landing page reports, costs of conversion, click to rate, influencer metrics, video views, likes, comments and even clicks on your brand links.

Our extensive reports for every campaign helps brands to make decisions on achievement of brand objectives.